Our Story

We started RELS in 2002 because we wanted to do real estate deals differently. We wanted a more direct approach with our clients in their real estate transactions. After ten years, our practice has evolved to providing advice to advice givers, and the companies we work with enjoy our prompt, pragmatic and no-frills service. So in 2012, we have decided to focus our services on commercial leasing and property disputes. Without the onerous administration of handling residential conveyances, we are now able to focus entirely on legal services that do not involve trust funds.

We prepare and review leases and lease amendments for real estate departments of companies, or for their legal departments. We are able to provide legal services promptly and with attention to your company's existing business policies, at an attractive price. Think of us as your on-demand legal department that you don't need to add to your fixed budget, but can relieve the pressure of heavy workloads when times are busy.

Given our scope, we are selective about our clientele, and encourage you to discuss your needs with us directly.